Time Well Wasted
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Teams Tourney - October thru November
From 10/01/2019 thru 11/30/2019
Team NameTeam PointsTotal 6-3s
Naomi y Los Huevos Rancheros51502
Brags Beats Beer46002
Donkey Kongs32501
Poker Chips & Poker Tits29500
Poker Junkies26501
Little but Mighty23500
B^tches & the Saint13500
Triple Threat12500
Beat Us B^tches11000
Donkey Punched9000

Team NamePlayerPlayer PointsTotal 6-3s
Poker Chips & Poker TitsGil (821821)6500
Poker Chips & Poker TitsDavid (david_jenkins82)11000
Poker Chips & Poker TitsReid (reidb)12000
B^tches & the SaintSara (acevedo)6000
B^tches & the SaintWill (moowdm)1500
B^tches & the SaintChristina (ready2drink2003)6000
Naomi y Los Huevos RancherosCandelario (cgarzes)40002
Naomi y Los Huevos RancherosMichael (mmontoya)2500
Naomi y Los Huevos RancherosNaomi (naomi8495)9000
Donkey PunchedBrandon (brandonelias)00
Donkey PunchedPeter (peejay)3000
Donkey PunchedRoxanne (rox95)6000
Donkey KongsCorey (ccrxs)2500
Donkey KongsKelli (kquinto)16000
Donkey KongsRobert (RobertP3766)14001
DinosaursTariq (1898612)2500
DinosaursDwayne (dsmith10)8000
DinosaursGene (Geno04268)500
1+2=3Shane (asadel2112)3000
1+2=3Mary (misssass)00
1+2=3Melony (theoharrafamily)500
ConquistadorsGabriel (gab365)5000
ConquistadorsJose (pino)6500
ConquistadorsSteven (tonsofun82)3000
Beat Us B^tchesJose (1200)1500
Beat Us B^tchesRaul (rosanna44)6000
Beat Us B^tchesShahid (sharkbait0389)3500
Poker JunkiesBhavil (bhavil)5500
Poker JunkiesLatasha (lharper)8501
Poker JunkiesDean (mrffp)12500
Brags Beats BeerJulio (jc9992)15000
Brags Beats BeerMarvin (marvin25)8001
Brags Beats BeerLuke (phidelt648)23001
VengadoresAngel (jrtorres02)8500
VengadoresOmar (Omarmtz11)5501
VengadoresRoy (thatboyroy)12001
MisfitsBelinda (belinda)6000
MisfitsJames (james1224)3500
MisfitsMoe (Radwans)7501
Little but MightyLarry (larryluv)11000
Little but MightyMary (Marym)5500
Little but MightyMichael (Michaelgar2000)7000
Triple ThreatChristina (christinacortez78)2000
Triple ThreatJudy (poker)8000
Triple ThreatScott (rmelling1)2500
Candelario (cgarzes)2019418007400100509950
Reid (reidb)201938850480092006450
Josh (joshlynch21)201914000435052502700
Luke (phidelt648)201926500430019501900
Robert (RobertP3766)201945200375052505250
David (david_jenkins82)201950850330064507600
Kelli (kquinto)201911950320012007050
Julio (jc9992)201925100300016501400
Ruben (chukie1046)201913650285041003800
Andre (big loft)201922000270018003900
Dean (mrffp)201939800250025503300
Sara (acevedo)201913350240082002500
Larry (larryluv)20192945022008503300
Naomi (naomi8495)201943750180028003200
Raul (rosanna44)201918100180036003450
Angel (jrtorres02)201917200170036002600
Judy (poker)201921550160020002800
Latasha (lharper)201925600140033002900
Gil (821821)20195900130024001350
Irma (irma)20197300130016001400